The Importance of Having RSS Feeds To Your Blog

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Well, before we get in to the importance of having RSS feeds, let’s take a look at what are RSS feeds in the first place. RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. As the name indicates, you can share the content of your website in an XML format, which is quite easy to access from various resources. There are as many RSS feed readers or aggregators available and they can send the RSS content to the avid readers. What is the biggest advantage of having RSS feeds? Well they can increase traffic; more specifically, the number of regular visitors will increase as they are integral to the success of the website in the long run.

Having a neat feed is an indication that you are aiming for more web traffic. Of course, you will be bestowed with more traffic in time. However, having an RSS is not everything if you are looking for getting more traffic to your blog. To get RSS subscribers should be your prime aim after having RSS feeds on the website; because the feed subscribers can come back to your website on a regular manner, adding to the growth of the blog.

The first step is to submit your RSS feeds to various RSS directories on the internet. You should know that these RSS directories can bring in so many new RSS subscribers to your website. If you are wondering where to find out these RSS directories, go to Google and search for “RSS feed directories” and you will be flooded with the details of as many RSS submission directories.

Is that enough to get RSS subscribers? Well, that’s not. Next step is to have a good RSS feeds icon on your blog to attract those potential RSS subscribers. You must remember the fact that having this icon properly displayed on the website can attract more RSS subscribers. Most importantly, it should be placed such that it’s enough to grab your attention in the first look itself. For this, use a nice icon with attractive color matching the theme of the website. Also ensure that it’s not too small, so that everyone can notice it easily.

Since RSS feeds can bring in so much quality web traffic, you should give it the necessary importance. Unlike the search engine traffic, where the users bounce after viewing just one or two pages, feeds subscribers keep coming for more. Keeping this in perspective, you should ensure that you give more interesting content for your regular readers. They have subscribed to your content after liking the existing content – therefore it is important to match up to their expectation or give more than what they expect if you want them to keep coming forever.

You can also show the RSS subscribers count on the icon. This will surely bring in more RSS Subscribers to the website. It’s always a motivation to see as many RSS subscribers. Therefore it is wise to have the count displayed on it. However, you shouldn’t attempt to show the count if it is less than 100. It is going to be helpful only when you have a considerable amount of RSS subscribers.

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The Importance of Having RSS Feeds To Your Blog

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This article was published on 2011/06/24