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RSS is the abbreviated  form of Rich Site Summary or it can also imply Really Simple Syndication. Both phrases imply the same meaning and thus they should not be confusing at all. The RSS is similar to a document that is provided either on the website or on a blog for the reader. It mainly provides news and current happenings free of charge to the visitors.  The RSS is mainly showcased at the top of the web page and in some cases some of the webmasters will make the RSS available on each and every page of the website.

The RSS works very similar to the stock ticker as it delivers the exact information that you have subscribed to. This makes it a lot easier as one is exposed to the information that interests him or her.

Who uses RSS?

The simple answer to the question above is everyone. It is efficient and will eliminate the need to get tons of emails in your inbox. It makes more sense to have the daily newspaper delivered to your doorsteps other than having to go out there and pick it from the store. On the same way RSS delivers the news right on your desktop and you can choose to read, ignore or even print the information received.

How RSS is used?

There is no standard method of using RSS since it can be utilized in many kinds of ways.  In order to utilize the RSS you should have in place a newsreader which most people have on either Yahoo, Google, MSN and the like. If you do not have one then it is simple to create.

Once you have signed in for instance in MSN you will be exposed to a lot of news such as the stocks, ads, weather and the like. You can arrange the data to suit your requirements and the option to delete is also available.

There is a section at the right of the screen that will provide you with the option to add some content. Once you are on that portion you will notice a total of four sections that are specially designed for adding content.

How to customize your own RSS feeds

You do not require identifying specific news feeds on a subject since your main interest would be to add on one. That is simple and you will be required to identify the URL of the RSS feed for the specific kind of information that you intend to add. Most of the organizations will have this displayed on their website.

Try and identify a tiny orange box on the site that has the words XML or probably RSS feed or News Feed and then go ahead and click on it. When it comes to the bigger organizations, for instance CNN would direct you to a page that has instructions with a lot of URL's for RSS news and thus simply copy and paste them in the newsreader that you are using.

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RSS : Get regular news updates

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This article was published on 2011/05/07